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Whether you’re a solo practitioner, a group practice, or a medical facility group, the Sawgio Practice Management (PM) system can help you better control, organize, and manage information for your practice. While most PM systems need to be purchased separately, this Efficient, Reliable, and Accurate software allows medical professionals to bring intuitive control and optimization to their practice’s patient interactions and financial records all in one platform. This Practice Management system is part of a larger ERA Health Records program that allows doctors to manage electronic health records, practice information, and billing information using one complete software.
With the Sawgio Practice Management system, medical practitioners can: 

Seamlessly Share Information Across Medical Practices

The Sawgio Practice Management system allows group practices and medical facility groups to better communicate billing and scheduling information across several practices, office locations, and physicians, streamlining correspondence between parties with ease.

Manage Electronic Billing Cycle Records

Having trouble keeping your billing cycle organized? Sawgio’s advanced Practice Management tool can help manage and send electronic billing records to other doctors within their medical practice. By taking the busywork out of practice finances, doctors can get back to doing what they love – focusing on patients.

Review Billing Analytics and Reports

Using Sawgio, practices can review billing analytics and other reports in one organized location. Our software can be used to create reports using an endless variety of patient and billing metrics, including AR/AP, CPT analysis, patient retainment, conditions, and length of time since last appointment, and other practice analytics. Sawgio can also determine how providers are performing as well as the most frequently billed levels and medical codes. The results of these reports help dermatology practices generate more revenue and better serve the needs of their patients. This system also makes it easy for professionals to share report findings across larger medical networks.

Simplify the Appointment Scheduling Process

The Sawgio Practice Management system allows medical practitioners to view the schedules of both doctors and patients to ensure that appointments are scheduled at times that work best for both parties.

Sawgio LLC is a medical services and software company created by a dedicated team of dermatologists, software professionals, and support staff. As a company, we are committed to improving the lives of medical professionals and their patients by providing them with software that brings organization, automation, and management into their practice.

Are you interested in using the Sawgio Practice Management system to help streamline your medical practice? This software has already revolutionized the work of hundreds of dermatologists, why not let it help you, too? Contact us today for more information about the software, or to request a demo. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you make your practice the best it can be!

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