electronic health management system

The Sawgio Efficient, Reliable, and Accurate Electronic Health Records system isn’t just an invaluable resource for the dermatologists that use it — it also offers their patients a unique, intuitive way to communicate with doctors, interact with their health records, schedule future appointments, and much more!
With the Sawgio Health Records Online Patient Portal, patients can:

Access Health Records Safely and Securely

Sawgio’s Online Patient Portal offers your patients a convenient, user-friendly way to take control of their health by delivering results securely. Following an in-office consultation, patients are given a secure access code via email. Once the patient has verified their identity and passed all screening protocols, they can gain immediate access to their diagnostic information.

Share Healthcare Information with Multiple Doctors

Sawgio’s Online Patient Portal gives patients complete access to their own medical records, allowing them to send their information through a secure file to other clinicians who have a certified EMR system. Patients also have the option of saving their files for future reference.

Schedule Future Appointments

Patients no longer have to call your office to schedule new appointments; now, they can submit requests for appointments anytime, anywhere through the Online Patient Portal. Once an appointment has been scheduled, patients are also able to receive both text and email notifications that remind them of their appointment dates and times.

Attend Virtual Consultations

Once a patient’s account information has been set up in the patient portal center, patients will soon be able to attend consultation appointments virtually. Using the patient portal, patients can have their dermatologists evaluate the progress of new or developing skin conditions and concerns using tele-dermatology video communication. This feature is coming soon – call today to find out more information!

Submit Insurance and Medical History Information Before Appointments

Filling out insurance and medical history paperwork is often a time-consuming process to complete in a dermatologist’s office that can take away from the amount of time a patient has to actually communicate with his or her doctor. Our online patient portal provides patients with an opportunity to fill out this paperwork ahead of time, allowing them more time for the dermatological care they desire.

The Online Patient Portal portion of the ERA Health Records system can help any dermatological practice better connect with their patients and meet their needs in a way that is simple, efficient, and effective. If you’d like more information about this or any other aspect of our software, contact us today! We can answer any questions you may have and provide you with a demo of the program.

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