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At Sawgio EHR, we understand the electronic health records systems shouldn’t just be about keeping track of patient information; that’s why our Efficient, Reliable, and Accurate Health Records software includes a number of innovative modules that give dermatologists more control over the way they manage information vital for the diagnosis, treatment, and continued health of their patients. Currently, our software includes dermoscopy, dermatopathology, MOHs, teledermatology, and audio notes modules.

Our EHR software is comprehensive and versatile because it was created by dermatologists with the needs of dermatologists closely in mind. Are you interested in learning more about this exciting all-in-one software and seeing how it can help streamline your practice? Contact us today for more information, or to request a demo.


The Dermoscopy module provides an efficient and safe way to save clinical dermoscopic images into patients’ charts. This unique feature also allows the clinician to take dermoscopic images with use of scope and a camera and label images for future use.


This module allows dermatopathologists that diagnose and report on biopsies in-house to store their findings in an organized, easily accessible manner. It also streamlines the process of sending and receiving referrals from outside specialists.


The MOHS module allows doctors to better document the MOHS procedures they perform by providing them with a way to create accurate procedure notes and referral letters quickly and efficiently. This module also offers:

  • Comprehensive MOHS stage mapping
  • Integrated pathology
  • Auto-generated billing


Sawgio offers a one-of-a-kind tele-dermatology module that allows patients to receive quality care from anywhere. We currently offer “store and forward” teledermatology sent through a secure connection. We will also soon be offering live consultations – call today to ask about this exciting new option!

Audio Notes

We know that it can be easier and faster for doctors to record their notes verbally than to write or type them out. Our ERA Health Records system makes documentation easier by providing dermatology practitioners with a simple, seamless way to record audio notes into their patient’s records and progress notes. The “talk to text” feature of this module allows audio notes to be efficiently turned into written documentation as well as sent for sent for transcription if desired.

Sawgio LLC is run and managed by a skilled group of dermatologists, software experts, and support staff with extensive experience both using and creating medical software. Our ERA Health Records system modules provide doctors with an invaluable range of tools to record, diagnose, treat, and collaborate with patients and professionals. If you’d like more information about our software or are interested in requesting a demo, contact us today!

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