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At Sawgio LLC, we understand that coordination between other practices, medical laboratories, and insurance providers is essential to the success of your practice. With our ERA Health Records system, treatment can utilize a simple, organized means of sending and communicating information to these vital organizations and institutions.

If you’re interested in using an electronic health records software that combines high-quality and efficient EMR software and patient management systems into one technology, you may want to explore the many ways that the ERA Health Records system can benefit your practice. Contact us today for more information, or to request a demo.

Laboratory Communication

Laboratory correspondence is an essential part of every dermatology practice. This software allows practices to transmit orders and other information to labs electronically. This allows practices to skip the hassles of delivering this information through other, slower means, medical practitioners are able to receive results in a more timely manner. The faster that these results are delivered back to dermatologists, the sooner they can evaluate them and communicate them to their patients.

Insurance Company Correspondence

The process of sending, receiving, and tracing insurance claims can be a difficult, time-consuming part of any medical practice. The ERA Health Records software helps simplify this process by organizing claim information, claim status, and accounts receivable in a way that is intuitive and easy to navigate through. It also allows for clearinghouse information to be sent electronically, helping professionals to both send and receive claims back in a timely manner. With Sawgio’s patient notifications, faster claims processing means faster payment!

Patient Notifications

Ensuring that patients attend appointments at the correct date and time is a vital part of ensuring the success of a dermatology practice. However, sending out email and text message reminders to patients by hand is a time-consuming and expensive practice. With the ERA Health Records system, this process is automated to ensure that patients are receiving the reminders they need to receive dermatological care at the correct date and time.

Sawgio LLC is a medical software and services company led by a group of experienced dermatologists and software designers. Are you interested in seeing how our software can streamline the way your practice communicates with laboratories, insurance companies, and patients? Contact us today for more information about our software, or to schedule a demo with us. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you develop your best practice possible!

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