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The business of managing practice and patient information can be a nearly impossible task without the right EHR software. Sawgio LLC is proud to offer dermatologists a state-of-the-art EHR software that has been customized to the unique needs of dermatology practices. With the Sawgio ERA Health Records software, medical professionals can now generate, send, receive, analyze, and organize vital data for both single and multi-location practices.

The success and versatility of the ERA Health Records system lies in its four fundamental functions: practice management, online patient portal, integration, and modules.

Practice Management

The business of managing a dermatology practice can be tricky if it is not done in an organized, methodical manner. With our EHR Health Records software, doctors can now effortlessly share information across medical groups, manage billing records, generate billing reports, and schedule client appointments.

Online Patient Portal

Our ERA Health Records system isn’t just useful for doctors — it also provides patients with a number of unique benefits. Through the software’s unique patient portal, patients can securely access health information, share information with multiple physicians, schedule future appointments, attend virtual consultations, and submit pertinent medical information before an appointment.


Our software allows for streamlined communication between the laboratories, insurance companies, and patients that make running a dermatology practice possible. Organizing this correspondence to one central software keeps your records and communication more orderly and allows for more efficient and timely responses.


The ERA Health Records system further helps dermatologists both organize and analyze information by incorporating a number of useful modules into its functionality.

These modules are as follows:

  • Dermoscopy. Allows for the analysis of dermoscopic images uploaded with the use of a scope and camera. Also allows images to be labeled for future use.
  • Dermatopathology. Enables doctors to store the findings of biopsies either diagnosed on an in-house or referral basis in an organized manner.
  • Mohs. Helps doctors create accurate and easy-to-decipher notes for the Mohs procedures they perform. Also includes comprehensive MOHS stage mapping, integrated pathology, and auto-generated billing.
  • Tele-Dermatology. Offers “store and forward” technology via a secure connection and live consultation capability coming soon!
  • Audio Notes. Allows dermatologists to record verbal notes and seamlessly integrate those notes into patient records or procedure reports. “Talk to text” also allows audio notes to become written documentation with the capability of also being sent for transcription.

Sawgio LLC is a software company committed to providing dermatologists with a cutting-edge EHR software customized to their unique needs. If you’re considering purchasing a new EHR software for your practice, why not choose one that has been conceptualized and perfected by other successful professionals in your field?

Contact us today for more information about the ERA Health Records software, or to request a demo. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you make your practice the best that it can be!

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