What is EHR Software?

What is EHR Software?

Whether you are a doctor or a patient, you can benefit from EHR software, either directly or indirectly. EHR stands for electronic health records. In today’s information age, electronic storage and quick retrieval of records have become so much a part of doing business that it would be difficult to function without them. These advantages carry over into the medical field as well, and in particular, the doctor-patient relationship.

Doctors like EHR software because it frees up their time in order to spend it on things for which they are trained. They can see more patients and access their records easier. When it comes to writing prescriptions, they can be sent electronically straight to the pharmacy. This method can benefit the pharmacist as well, because it cuts down on errors that could be made as a result of the difficulty in reading a doctor’s handwriting.

If patients are sent out for lab work, X-rays or further testing, the results are available to the doctor who ordered the procedures in a more timely manner. No longer is it necessary to wait on a paper copy to arrive. Nor is there the chance that the paper report will be filed or misplaced before it gets into the hands of the person who needs it.

EHR software does more than make things convenient for the doctor. It helps patients as well. By enabling patients and doctors to share information, patients have more input into the development and implementation of their treatment plan. This can be especially important for the treatment of dermatologic conditions, where certain triggers may set off an episode.

EHR software can be used to enable medical providers to offer follow-up information to patients after an office visit or after receiving results of any bloodwork or other tests that have been conducted. The software can also be used to more easily communicate with patients about things like appoint reminders or changes. It also gives an avenue by which patients can correspond with the office. It is an excellent way for patients to ask and receive responses to questions.

Ask the team at Sawgio about the use of our innovative EHR software and how it can benefit your practice while enabling your office staff to provide more effective care in an efficient manner. We have offices in Florida, California and New York. Contact us today to learn more about our EHR software and medical services.

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