Why Using Dermatology Specific EHR Software Will Improve Your Practice

Why Using Dermatology Specific EHR Software Will Improve Your Practice

Millions of people around the world visit dermatologists. They expect their dermatologist to be professional, efficient and provide them with the best care possible. In order to accomplish this goal, dermatologists must be able to organize, access and share pertinent information about each patient. Patients should be able to access information about themselves and their appointments. They should also be able to provide the doctor with any needed information online.

The dermatology specific EHR software designed by Sawgio is an effective way to accomplish all of these things and more. This is versatile software that revolves around multiple functions, including practice management, modules, integration and online patient portals.

Practice management is an important component of dermatology specific EHR software because it allows a dermatologist to share information across medical groups. This is important when a dermatologist has multiple clinics within a particular city or throughout the country. A patient should be able to walk into any dermatologist clinic associated with their personal dermatologist and receive the treatment they need by a doctor who has access to pertinent information about them.

The dermatology specific EHR software designed by Sawgio gives doctors the ability to manage their billing, billing reports and schedule client appointments. The online patient portal is another beautiful feature of the software. It allows clients to schedule appointments with their dermatologist. At the same time, it allows patients the ability to input personal medical information, as well as review any information gathered by the doctor about their health.

Integration allows seamless communication between insurance companies, the dermatology practice, laboratories and any other organization that has the right to access patient medical information. It allows for the communication to be orderly and efficient. Modules allow dermatologists to organize information, which improves the functionality and versatility of the program.

Sawgio in New York City is dedicated to giving dermatologists the cutting edge EHR software they need. We provide software that is customized to the unique practice and needs. This allows a dermatologist to be successful and to compete with other dermatologists in their area on a level playing ground.

Dermatologists play an important role in helping individuals maintain their youthful appearance while at the same time protecting the skin that protects them. Dermatology specific EHR software has been designed to take some of the load off of doctors and other medical professionals. Since they do not have to worry as much about the billing and the collection of certain forms, these doctors and nurses can focus on the things that are most important to their patients. Contact us today to get started!

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