Selecting an EHR System for Dermatology

Selecting an EHR System for Dermatology

The rate at which technology moves is staggering. There are very few areas where this can be seen as clearly as in the medical field. If you were to take a doctor, a nurse, someone who does billing and coding or anyone who worked in the medical field from 20 years ago and bring them to our current time, they would be completely lost. In other words, the medical world of today is a totally different place than what it was just a couple of decades ago. That’s why dermatologists all over the country are seeing the importance of a proper EHR system for dermatology with Sawgio.

You don’t really need to look at advances in medical technology, medication or medical procedures to see this. All you really need to do is look at the way that doctors, especially dermatologists, are storing the information that they have for their patients. An EHR system for dermatology is one of the easiest ways for a dermatologist to easily and efficiently run their practice.

It has been a challenge for the medical community to keep pace with how quickly things are converting from paper records to electronic records. Even now it is fair to say that everything is still in transition. Transitioning from pen and paper records to electronic records has been a special challenge for dermatologists.

A dermatologist’s work encompasses a lot of things aside from the medicine they practice. Dermatologists need any records kept about their patient to be exceptionally accurate and streamlined. Each piece of a dermatologist’s arsenal must be integrated into a functioning electronic medical records system.

For example, a good electronic health record system for dermatologists understands the workflow of dermatologists. It needs to be able to adapt to the way that dermatologists in general, or a dermatologist in particular, conducts their office activities. A good electronic health record system should relieve some of the stress associated with keeping track of records. Sawgio’s EHR system for dermatology can do all of this and more with our Practice Management system.

Let’s say a dermatologist has a patient who needs a physical examination, a laser treatment and a dermal filler. It is likely that the dermatologist is not going to perform all of these treatments in the same room. They need to be able to access their patient’s records automatically on any computer wherever they are in their clinic. It needs to be seamless, it needs to update automatically and it needs to include the drawings with respects to anatomy. All of this must be compiled in one electronic health record system.

Then there’s the matter of confidentiality. You want your patients to know that whatever information you have about them is being stored in a completely private and confidential way. If you choose, you want to be able to set up a private access that allows your patients to read and review their own health history, set up appointments, cancel appointments and receive reminders about upcoming appointments. With Sawgio’s Online Patient Portal, patients can keep up with their appointments and even schedule virtual consultations with their dermatologist.

This is just a brief overview of some of the things that an EHR system for dermatology can do for your dermatology practice. Sawgio LLC is run by and made for dermatologists, which means you get an EHR system that encompasses all your needs. Contact our main office in New York City today to learn more about our software.

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