What is the Purpose of Medical Practice EHR?

What is the Purpose of Medical Practice EHR?

Sawgio, LLC is a medical software and services company. It is run and operated by a dedicated team of people who all have years of experience in designing medical billing services and software. Sawgio’s director, who is also a dermatologist, understands the importance of having reliable software in a medical practice, which is why he developed medical practice EHR specially for dermatologists.

What is EHR?

EHR is an acronym for “electronic health records,” so medical practice EHR software is designed to help create, organize and retrieve medical records. It helps a doctor run their practice more efficiently. For example, doctors used to have to write out prescriptions and give them to the patient who would then have to go to the pharmacist. By using medical practice EHR software, a doctor can now save time for both the patient and themselves by sending the prescription directly to the pharmacy.

EHR software also facilitates communication between patients, doctors, laboratories and insurance companies. Doctors and patients no longer have to wait several days for a medical lab to mail them the results of tests; the lab can use the software to send the results immediately.

What Are Modules?

Modules are software with specialized functions. We currently offer the following:

• Integration

• Dermatopathology

• Mohs

• Audio Notes

• Dermoscopy

• Tele-Dermatology

Each of these modules work together to provide reliable and easy-to-use software for dermatologists. In addition, the Practice Management system is an essential part of our medical practice EHR that helps our clients run their practice smoothly.

What Is the Purpose of Practice Management?

The Practice Management system enables a medical practitioner to organize and control their records more efficiently. It can be used by a single doctor, a small clinic or a large hospital. In addition to organizing medical records, the Practice Management system can organize billing information and practice information.

Practice Management enables our clients to analyze their records and write reports based on that analysis. A doctor can, for example, use the software to study the rate at which they retain their patients to determine how well their practice is doing.

The Practice Management system makes it easier for doctors to communicate with each other and with their patients. The module facilitates correspondence between medical professionals and allows them to easily exchange scheduling and billing information. Similarly, the Practice Management system includes records of the schedules of both doctors and patients, so appointments can be scheduled at times that are convenient for both.

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