Providing Efficient, Reliable and Accurate Dermatologist EHR

Providing Efficient, Reliable and Accurate Dermatologist EHR

With offices in New York, Florida and California, Sawgio is a medical services and software company. Its management team includes dermatologists, software developers and support staff, all of whom have years of experience in developing medical software and billing services. They have been using and developing dermatologist EHR software for over 15 years.

What is EHR Software?

EHR is an acronym for “electronic health records,” so EHR software is designed to enable doctors to create, organize and retrieve medical records. It also enables them to quickly and easily communicate with patients, medical labs and insurance companies. Our dermatologist EHR software is highly versatile and, thus, can be used by solo practitioners, small clinics or large hospitals. Our software includes specialized modules, many of which are tailored just for dermatologists.

What Does ERA Stand For?

ERA is an acronym for “efficient, reliable, and accurate,” and it is a promise that our software will make running your practice easier. Sawgio’s dermatologist EHR software is efficient because it can work on any device and provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface to create and store patient records, including their medical history, examinations, test results and medications. Dermatologists can choose from several template designs for recording common skin disorders. They can customize the templates and add relevant information. The software also includes a body chart.

Our software is reliable because it is a secure and cloud-based system that can withstand any disaster. It boasts 128-bit data encryption technology that guarantees secure data transfer and 99.9% uptime. Our clients can, therefore, retrieve patient records from any device in any location. We also have a team of technical experts on call during business hours who can answer any questions and solve any problem.

Our software is accurate because its point-and-click interface provides a standard and easy-to-read format for patient notes. It reduces the errors associated with redundant data entry by automatically sending patient demographic information to the EMR and billing modules. Similarly, the billing module automatically sends information to health insurance companies and again reduces the risk of error. The body chart provided enables practitioners to pinpoint the exact locations of procedures and lesions.

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Would you like to learn more about Sawgio’s ERA health records? We can answer all of your questions and even arrange a demonstration so you can see what our software does and how it works. Contact us today to learn more about how our dermatologist EHR software can help your practice and your patients!

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