Practice Management for Dermatologists

Practice Management for Dermatologists

Patient records management is a tremendously important part of your dermatology practice. There are many systems out there to help physicians handle the abundance of information that is important to patient care; however, most are geared toward general practice in order to benefit a greater number of potential software customers. As a dermatologist, the needs of you and your staff differ from what other types of practitioners may require. Learn why you should consider Sawgio for practice management for dermatologists and how this system can benefit you.

Why Sawgio Software is Different

Sawgio specializes in medical services and software specifically for dermatologists. In fact, its team includes dermatologists and clinical dermatology staff. These experts use their experience to develop software that is applicable to the particulars of dermatological practices. In fact, the company’s director is a dermatologist who has been using the software in his own practice for more than a decade. This type of professional insight can offer a number of benefits.

About Practice Management for Dermatologists

Practice management software allows providers to have convenient access to patient information and interactions, financial records, practice organizational structure, appointment setting and more. This type of software improves communication by making it easy for important stakeholders to be in touch and stay on the same page. Your practice can seamlessly share patient information with other facilities, insurance companies and patients themselves.

Dermatological practice management software also lets you organize your billing easily through one program. Send invoices to patients and vendors, record payments and generate reports in order to stay on top of your financial transactions and to see where you stand. You can also set appointments for patients in a way that ensures double booking does not occur. Patients can even access their own appointments online for verification and scheduling purposes.

Benefits for You

Sawgio offers a level of commitment you aren’t likely to find in other avenues of practice management for dermatologists. The team behind Sawgio knows first-hand what types of challenges are faced by dermatologists in their practice and the best ways to address these issues. They’re dedicated to creating programs that can help you to organize, manage and automate your dermatology practice. In fact, they’re happy to provide you with a demo of their various systems in order to see for yourself.

Automation and technology are essential to today’s modern medical practitioners. However, not all systems are created equal. Based out of New York City, Sawgio creates programs for practice management for dermatologists that are uniquely suited to meet your practice and patient wants and needs. Contact us today for more information or to request a demo.

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