What Modules Does Sawgio EHR Offer to Dermatologists?

What Modules Does Sawgio EHR Offer to Dermatologists?

Sawgio LLC is a medical software company with offices in California, Florida, and New York. Many different experienced professionals make up our team, including dermatologists, software professionals, and a support and training team. We have been developing and using Sawgio EHR software for over 15 years. Sawgio’s director, who is also a dermatologist, is an early adopter of EHR technology, and his offices have been successfully using it for over ten years.

What is Sawgio EHR software?

“EHR” stands for “electronic health records,” so Sawgio EHR software is designed to facilitate the storage and retrieval of medical records. It helps make communication between doctors, patients, and medical laboratories quicker and easier. For example, when a doctor orders laboratory tests, the lab can use Sawgio EHR software to send the results to the doctor straight away. The doctor no longer has to wait a week or two for the results to be sent by mail.

Similarly, the doctor can send prescriptions straight to the pharmacy. They no longer have to worry about the pharmacist not being able to read their handwriting or the patient losing the prescription.

What are modules?

Modules are EHR software designed for specific functions. We currently offer the following:

• Dermatopathology


• Dermoscopy

• Audio Notes

• Tele-Dermatology

What is the Online Patient Portal?

The Online Patient Portal module gives patients greater control over their own healthcare. They can use it to access medical records, communicate with their doctor, and schedule appointments.

After a new patient has had their first appointment with one of our clients, the doctor will e-mail them an access code. After the patient has typed in the code and verified their identity, they will be able to retrieve their records. The patient will also be able to submit insurance forms and other paperwork through the portal.

Virtual consultation is a future feature currently in the works. The patient and their doctor will be able to communicate with each other in real time through video.


Sawgio EHR aims to provide software integration by combining EMR software with patient management systems. It thus enables the dermatologist to communicate quickly, readily, and easily with patients, laboratories, and insurance companies. It also automates some of the simpler communications like appointment reminders.

Our software organizes different types of correspondence to make sorting and retrieving them simpler. Laboratory communication, insurance company correspondence, and automated patient appointment notifications are all made simple with Sawgio LLC.

Our modules at a glance

The MOHS module helps dermatologists create, organize, and retrieve notes about any Mohs surgeries they perform. The module includes integrated pathology and Mohs stage mapping.
Some dermatologists like to make notes verbally. The Audio Notes module enables them to do so and then seamlessly integrate those notes with the rest of a patient’s records. The Dermoscopy module lets the doctor upload photographs and other images to the computer. They can also label and analyze the images. Of course, the Sawgio EHR modules can do much more. When you contact us, we can highlight and explain the best qualities of our modules for you.

Contact us

At Sawgio, our team of experienced and knowledgeable dermatologists and software designers will be happy to explain how our innovative software can help your practice and your patients. Contact our team in New York City to learn more or to request a demonstration.

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