Increase Efficiency with Dermatology Specific EHR

Increase Efficiency with Dermatology Specific EHR

Technology has impacted every aspect of business and life. In many ways, it makes life better and safer. One of the areas where these improvements have been seen the most is in the world of medicine. Electronic health records (EHR) have minimized mistakes, have allowed patients to get the health care they need regardless of where they are on the planet and have allowed patients to have a clear understanding of their own health as well as what their doctor thinks is best for them going forward.

Sawgio’s dermatology specific EHR are designed to be an efficient way for dermatologists to keep track of their clients, medical records and appointments. What sets this software apart from some of the other electronic health record services is the fact that it has a very easy-to-use patient interface. It allows medical professionals to easily access a patient’s history, review the results from examinations, jot down their own notes when it comes to any assessments they might need, as well as plan for the future of their patients. The system comes preset with templates that medical professionals can use when dealing with common dermatology conditions.

In addition to being efficient, dermatology specific EHR are reliable. Since the information is stored in the cloud, it is secure. It is a disaster-proof way of maintaining a client’s records. It allows dermatologists a level of security that just did not exist years ago when records were written by hand. Of course, in addition to reliability there are security concerns, and these have been met with a 128-bit data encryption service that guarantees that doctors are able to access their client’s information whenever they want and in a secure way. They can access the information using a computer, a cell phone, a tablet or any other form of mobile device.

Of course, more important than any of the above-mentioned criteria is accuracy. This program is designed to allow doctors to work in an efficient yet accurate way, minimizing the chances that a patient’s information is going to get mixed up or that important information is overlooked. The entire set up is designed to allow multiple individuals to view the system and input information, all while at the same time minimizing the chance for human error.

Dermatology is a practice that has a lot of competition. While dermatologists do not want to focus their time and energy thinking about records or thinking about bill collection, all of these things are an essential part of the work that they do. The more efficiently a dermatologist is able to accomplish these tasks and the more accurate they are with the information they provide their patients, the better chance that patients will come back and refer other individuals to them.

The dermatology specific EHR software provided by Sawgio in New York City allows doctors to focus less on the administrative side of the work that they do and to focus more on the important things. Contact us today to learn more about our software!

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