The Importance of Patient Flow Management in EHR Software

The Importance of Patient Flow Management in EHR Software

Being a healthcare provider that utilizes electronic health record (EHR) software can go a long way in making sure you are providing the best care available. These software packages are beneficial for doctors and patients alike. As a result, they are gaining more widespread use. The EHR software that Sawgio has developed integrates key processes for optimizing patient flow management, which is a very important part of overall practice management.

While it may be easy to use the terms “electronic health record” and “electronic medical record” (EMR) interchangeably, there is a difference. Both will store the medical records in electronic format, making it easier to retrieve the information when it is needed. However, EMR software is typically only used in one particular medical practice office, with the information not shared with other providers.

EHR software, on the other hand, enables the important information to be shared with other professionals who may be providing care for a specific patient. This can be valuable in cases where patients are referred to other doctors for more specialized care. All the professionals who are involved with providing care can have access to the records, meaning there is more coordination of care between providers. Doctors can review the results of referral appointments more quickly with the information that is available to them being more accurate.

In addition to enhancing communication between doctors, electronic health records are valuable in allowing doctors to communicate more effectively in more timely ways with their patients. They can provide their patients with information regarding follow-up care after treatments. Links to helpful medical resources can be provided to the patients as well. In addition, things like appointment reminders can be emailed to the patients. Symptoms that patients begin to experience between appointments can be more easily communicated to the doctors, who can then reach out to the patients with further instructions.

When this type of software is used for patient flow management, wait time can be reduced for the patient and operating efficiency can be increased for the provider. Bottlenecks in the treatment flow can be identified and taken into consideration in the scheduling of therapy. All activities that are necessary prior to and following the actual administration of the treatment can be taken into account to help everything flow smoothly.

If you are looking for reliable EHR software for your practice, consider the software developed by Sawgio in New York City. With this software, you can better your patient flow management and much more, leading to numerous benefits for your practice. Contact us today to learn more about our software!

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