The Importance of Electronic Health Record Software

The Importance of Electronic Health Record Software

There is no denying the benefits that electronic health record software has brought to the medical field. It has helped dermatologists improve their access to data and drastically improved the care that the medical community is able to provide to its clients.

One of the biggest benefits of electronic health record software is that there are no longer large bulky paper records that need to be stored, managed or retrieved. Now your doctor has all the information that they need about you at the touch of a button. With their electronic tablet, they can have access to the information of millions of patients at the touch of a button.

The better communication that exists between specialties, the better the care you are going to receive. This is another area where electronic healthcare record software shines. It makes it easier for doctors to communicate with each other and see notes about the same patient. That way, if you have a visit with your primary care physician in the morning and an appointment with your dermatologist in the afternoon, the dermatologist will be able to quickly see the information that your primary care doctor wrote about you. This is perfect because it reduces the number of medical errors and improves the safety for each patient.

Another reason why electronic health record software improves accuracy is because a doctor can take notes in the moment on their electronic device and have these notes stored on the cloud. There is no more need to try to decipher what a doctor wrote about a patient hours or days before. All this information can be updated in real time.

Electronic health record software not only helps the individual patient, but it also helps the community as a whole. It allows doctors to gather information and analyze data on groups of patients, even those who are dealing with diseases or infirmities that they are not likely to talk about with many other people. Doctors can then use this information to create outreach programs to discrete populations.

Doctors are able to interact with pharmacies, making sure that their patients get the right medication. It also gives doctors the ability to monitor patients, perhaps by attempting to get restricted drugs to help them cope with some form of addiction.

When you look at the totality of the benefits that come from electronic health record software, it’s easy to see why more and more doctors are opting to use this method. Little by little, you are watching paper records all but disappear. In addition, governmental agencies and private agencies are working hard to close any gaps with the goal of making electronic health records as secure and safe as possible. There are countless stories of people whose lives were saved solely because the right doctors were able to access the right information at the right time. As more and more medical communities around the world embrace electronic health record software, it is likely that we will see a boost in the number of patients who are able to be successfully treated.

The experts at Sawgio provide easy-to-use electronic health record software developed by dermatologists, for dermatologists. If you are ready to make the switch to ease and convenience with electronic health records, contact us at our main office in New York City to speak to a member of our dedicated team and learn more.

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