Generate and Send Vital Data with Sawgio ERA Health Records

Generate and Send Vital Data with Sawgio ERA Health Records

Sawgio EHR provides dermatologists with efficient, reliable and accurate (ERA) health records. Our company, which is based in New York City, has offices in New York, Florida and California. Our staff includes experienced dermatologists and software developers who have been using and developing medical software for over 15 years. Our director is a dermatologist who is himself an early adopter of electronic health records (EHR) technology tailored for dermatology; his offices have been using it for over ten years. Sawgio ERA health records may be just what you’ve been looking for to take your practice to the next level.

What is EHR?

EHR stands for “electronic health records,” so EHR software is software designed to facilitate the creation and retrieval of patients’ medical records. It also allows doctors to serve patients quickly and more efficiently. For example, a doctor can use the software to fill a prescription by sending the order directly to the pharmacy. The doctor does not have to worry about the patient losing a paper prescription order or about the pharmacist being unable to read the prescription and thus giving the patient the wrong medication. It also saves time.

Similarly, if the doctor orders any labor blood work, they can get the results straightaway. Thanks to Sawgio ERA health records, they don’t have to wait for the lab to mail them paper copies of the results.

EHR software can benefit the doctor-patient relationship by making communication between the two a whole lot easier. A doctor can, for instance, e-mail the patient the results of any tests. The patient no longer has to sweat for a week or two waiting for a diagnosis. The patient can also more easily discuss their concerns with the doctor.

What is ERA?

ERA is an acronym that stands for “Efficient, Reliable and Accurate.” Our software is compatible with any device. It also has a user-friendly interface that can be used to record patient histories, assessments and examinations.

Our software’s high security makes it reliable. It is a cloud-based system with 128-bit encryption technology that ensures a secure transfer of data. Our clients can access patient information from any device, anywhere. Sawgio also provides a team of technical experts who can handle virtually any problem and answer any questions.

Our software has a number of features to reduce the chance of error. The software also includes a billing module that automatically sends information to insurance companies and thus, again, reduces the risk of error.

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To learn more about Sawgio ERA health records, get in touch with us. We can even provide a demonstration so you can see for yourself how our software works and what it does. Contact us today to learn more about how ERA health records can benefit your practice, your staff and your patients.

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