EHR Software Developed by Dermatologists

EHR Software Developed by Dermatologists

Sawgio LLC is a software and medical services company that has offices in New York, Florida and California. It is run and managed by a team of software developers and dermatologists who have been using and developing EHR software for over 15 years. Our director is a dermatologist who is one of the early adopters of dermatology EHR software and has been using it in his own offices for over ten years. To put it simply, when you use EHR software developed by dermatologists, you can trust that it is designed especially for your dermatology wants and needs.

What is EHR Software?

EHR stands for “electronic health records,” and it describes medical records that can be stored and retrieved electronically. There are a lot of benefits to using EHR software for both the dermatologist and their patient. For example, as a dermatologist, you can use the software to immediately send a prescription to the pharmacy. In the old days, you had to give the patient a paper prescription and hope the pharmacist would be able to read it.

Our EHR software developed by dermatologists can also improve doctor-patient relationships by making it easier for them to communicate with one another. If you order tests, the lab can send the results immediately, and you can then send those results to the patient. Nobody has to sweat for a week or so waiting for test results to come in the mail.

Features Provided by Dermatology EHR

Sawgio’s EHR software developed by dermatologists comes with the following modules:

• Online patient portal
• Integration
• Practice management
• Dermatopathology
• Dermoscopy
• Audio Notes
• Tele-Dermatology

Further Descriptions of Some of the Modules

The Online Patient Portal enables the patient to access their medical records at any time and from any place. The Integration feature means our software can be easily made compatible with other systems. It can be used in an office or a laboratory.

The Dermatopathology module enables pathologists to organize, store and easily retrieve their biopsy reports and diagnoses. It also makes the process of receiving and sending referrals from other doctors a lot smoother and easier.

Our Dermoscopy module enables dermatologists to store and analyze images they’ve taken of patients’ lesions. It helps our clients diagnose various skin conditions and devise appropriate treatments.

Mohs surgery is one of the most exacting procedures known – and it saves lives. The Mohs module enables doctors to make accurate notes of their Mohs surgeries. It also helps them write referral letters and map treatment sites.

Some of our clients like to dictate notes. The Audio Notes module enables them to do so and then incorporate those notes with a patient’s medical records.

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The dermatologist EHR software designed and created by Sawgio in New York City is a useful tool that is improving the interaction of medical professionals with their patients. It is helping dermatologists throughout the country automate and organize their practices and thus improve the care they give their patients. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration and learn more about our user-friendly software.

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