Dermatology Practice EHR

Dermatology Practice EHR

EHR systems have revolutionized the way that the medical community keeps track of its patients, makes schedules, monitors its personnel, and goes about doing its billing. Not all electronic hospital records systems are created equal, and just because a system works well in one specialty does not mean that it will work well in another. As an example, dermatologists have very special needs when it comes to their scheduling, their programming, and their ability to monitor the results their patients receive.

Dermatologists require an effective, reliable, and accurate way to manage their patients and their office. Dermatologists need to gather large amounts of information in an accurate and timely way. They need to be able to access that information when they need to and know that they can share information with other medical professionals who could benefit from using this information.

Of course, dermatologists have a busy schedule. So, they need to have an interface that is efficient and that works clearly on any device. They need to be able to record a patient’s history, jot down information during an examination, write down whatever they feel about the patient’s assessment, as well as make plans for their patient’s future. They need to have access to their patient’s medical history. In a quick and concise way, they need to know about any medications a patient has taken and any medications they prescribed their patient.

A dermatologist needs information to be reliable. One of the problems that comes from storing patient’s data on a local server or on a local computer is that all it takes is one disaster and all of the patient’s information is lost. This is why many dermatologists have opted instead for a secure cloud-based service. They opt for this because they understand that cloud-based service is virtually disaster-proof. A cloud-based service is going to be up 99.9 percent of the time, and it will allow physicians to access and transfer their patients’ information to any location and on any device in a secure manner.

Dermatologists require an EHR system that is accurate. When it comes to the medical community, any error can be fatal, and this is especially the case when talking about the multitude of infirmities and medications that dermatologists interact with on a daily basis.

Dermatologists benefit from a click interface that allows them to make very clear, easy-to-understand notes about their patients in an easy-to-read format. Using charts and graphical representations of the body will allow a dermatologist to know exactly where their patient’s problem is and know exactly what procedure they are carrying out on their patient and where.

Good EHR software like the software developed by Sawgio in New York can maximize the efficiency of a dermatologist. It can improve the results of the service that a dermatologist gives to their patients. Contact us today to learn more about how to get started with using our software!

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