Which Dermatology EHR Modules Come with Sawgio EHR Software?

Which Dermatology EHR Modules Come with Sawgio EHR Software?

Sawgio EHR software was developed by a group of dermatologists and software professionals working together to come up with a package that is of great benefit to doctors and patients alike. The software was developed to help bring organization and automation into the management of the practice. As a result, doctors can focus on the medical aspect of their practices without getting bogged down in the administrative duties. This is beneficial to both the doctors and their patients.

Sawgio software provides streamlined communications within all functions of the office as well as between doctors in other locations. Patients will benefit from the simplified scheduling process when they call to make or change an appointment. A number of dermatology EHR modules come with the Sawgio EHR software package in order to assist dermatologists in organizing and analyzing information.

The dermoscopy module allows images that have been taken with the use of a scope and camera to be uploaded and labeled for future use. This is an invaluable method for doctors to track changes in skin conditions that may be cause for concern.

Results of biopsies can be conveniently stored with the use of the dermatopathology module. This includes both biopsies that have been done in-house and those that have been done as a result of a referral. These results are invaluable when it comes to developing a treatment plan that is effective at restoring healthy skin.

There is a MOHS module that is useful in providing a means by which doctors can easily create notes that are accurate and easy to interpret when doing MOHS surgical procedures. This is a surgical technique for removing cancerous skin growth. Doctors remove tissue a little at a time until they reach the point where only healthy tissue remains.

For those times when a live consultation is both necessary and helpful, the tele-dermatology module allows important data to be stored and forwarded. This module is being upgraded to allow for live consultations to take place in addition. All this will take place through a secure connection.
Recordkeeping such as charting becomes easier with the audio notes module. Doctors can dictate their notes and the software will convert it to text. It will then become part of the written record and can also be sent out for transcription.

The Sawgio EHR software package also comes with dermatology EHR modules that make it much easier to manage billing cycles. This is beneficial to the patient as well because of the increased accuracy of the billing. This contributes to a good working relationship between the office and the patient. Consequently, the partnership between doctor and patient is enhanced, which will result in improved medical care.

The software at Sawgio in New York City not only makes it easier for doctors to do their jobs, but it also makes the patients’ health information more readily available to them. Contact us today to learn more about our software and the included dermatology EHR modules.

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