When to Consider Dermatology-Based EHR Software

When to Consider Dermatology-Based EHR Software

Technology has revolutionized many aspects of the medical field. It has improved the outcomes that patients receive when they visit the doctor. Technology has made it easier for doctors and nurses to keep track of important information about their patients. Electronic health records have been at the heart of this. If you are a dermatologist, consider all of the benefits of dermatology-based EHR software.

What are Electronic Health Records?

Electronic health records are a way of describing software that has been designed to help medical professionals organize their medical records. The purpose is to help doctors, regardless of their specialty, to be able to run their office or to run their practice in an efficient way.

One example of how these records can improve efficiency can be seen when we compare the traditional way of handling prescriptions with what doctors can do when they use electronic health records. In times past, a doctor would need to write out a prescription, give that prescription to the patient and the patient would have the responsibility of giving the prescription to the pharmacist. The pharmacist would need to make sure that they accurately understood the written prescription, and then they would eventually provide the medication to the patient. In this entire process, there are a lot of spaces for error.

However, with dermatology-based EHR software, all of these errors disappear because a doctor will be able to electronically send the prescription directly to the pharmacy. When the patient goes to the pharmacist, they present the appropriate documentation and are given a prescription that has been precisely fitted to meet their needs. Gone are the potential errors that could come from a pharmacist not being able to read a doctor’s handwriting.

A Unique Challenge Facing Dermatologists

Dermatologists face a unique challenge. Around the world, millions of people visit dermatologists to get the care that they need. Dermatologists are responsible for caring for patient’s skin, hair and nails. These are parts of the body that can be exposed to a wide range of infirmities. In order to know exactly what their client needs, a dermatologist will need to be able to have access not only to their patient’s records, but also to their medication.

Good dermatology-based EHR software is going to allow a dermatologist to use visual aids in conjunction with the notes that they have written down to identify and remember the problems that each of their patients have. Dermatologists will be able to access this information regardless of where they are because the software will allow access to pertinent information online.

The dermatology-based EHR software provided by Sawgio in New York, New York is key for dermatologists to be able to provide their patients with the best possible care and results. Contact us today to learn more and get started!

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