A Closer Look at a Cloud-Based Patient Database

A Closer Look at a Cloud-Based Patient Database

The cloud-based patient database is quickly growing in popularity. Just a couple of decades ago, the idea of storing hospital patient information on the cloud would’ve seemed like a dream. Now, more and more hospitals are turning to this option. This is because cloud-based databases allow medical professionals to perform their work in an efficient, timely and secure way. The process of switching from paper-based medical records to electronic records had a slow beginning, but when it took root, it took off like wildfire. The truth is that electronic record databases save hospitals money. They improve the efficiency of their work, which leads to better-quality service for their clients.

The use of a cloud-based patient database is a key part of the movement toward integrated healthcare. With a cloud-based database, a patient could visit their primary care physician and then go and visit their dermatologist, and the information about the patient is easily shared between the two. The benefits of this are clearly seen by the medical community. In 2001, only 20 percent of offices had any type of electronic hospital records software. However, according to information gathered in 2015, 90 percent of physicians use this software.

An interesting benefit of this type of software is that it is designed to do more than simply store data. It can serve as a portal that allows medical professionals to communicate with insurance companies, pharmacies and patients. Researchers show that more than 50 percent of physicians who these systems use them as the primary way to communicate with their patients.

A few years ago, patients did not feel that they had the right to see their medical information. In fact, a person’s medical chart was a guarded secret that was only known to the doctor and to privileged medical staff. Now, everyone wants to know as much about their health as possible. This means getting an accurate picture of their current situation by looking at their medical charts.

Systems that use a cloud-based patient database are allowing physicians to give their patients unfettered access to their health records. Some software is even allowing patients to download their personal healthcare files. This removes any question or ambiguity about the health of the patient as well as the procedures the doctor is recommending.

Doctors are able to use these cloud-based databases to access information about patients on multiple devices. Now a doctor can use their cell phone, their electronic tablet, their computer or a similar device to monitor information about their patients and share this information with those who have the right to it.

A lot of emphasis has been placed on securing cloud-based hospital record databases. Comprehensive technologies are used to analyze and combat the intelligent attack strategies used by hackers who would use the information of patients in a nefarious way. The medical community is committed to monitoring, detecting, responding and preventing security breaches that can put a patient’s health care records at risk.

The cloud-based patient database has revolutionized the medical community and improved the level of care that patients receive. The experts at Sawgio recognize this, which is why we have developed EHR software especially for dermatologists. Contact our office in New York to learn more about how our software can benefit your practice.

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