Why Choose EHR Software for Dermatologists by Dermatologists?

Why Choose EHR Software for Dermatologists by Dermatologists?

Sawgio LLC is a medical services and software company. It is run and operated by a team of dermatologists, software developers, and clerical staff who all have years of experience in medical software. Sawgio’s management team has been developing EHR software for over 15 years. In the same vein, Sawgio’s director, who is also a dermatologist, has been using this type of software in all of his offices for over a decade. Dermatologists who use EHR software designed by and made for dermatologists can reap many benefits.

What is EHR?

EHR stands for “electronic health records,” so EHR software is designed to help create, organize, and retrieve medical records. It thus helps a doctor run their practice more efficiently. For example, doctors used to have to write out prescriptions and give them to the patient, who would then have to go to the pharmacist. Using EHR software to send the prescription directly to the pharmacy not only saves time, but it also reduces the number of errors caused by a pharmacist’s inability to read a doctor’s handwriting.

EHR software also makes communication between patients, doctors, laboratories, and insurance companies quicker and easier. For instance, when a doctor orders laboratory tests, they don’t have to wait several days for the lab to mail them the results.

What Are Modules?

Modules are software with specialized functions. We currently offer the following:

• Dermoscopy
• Mohs
• Audio Notes
• Dermatopathology
• Tele-Dermatology

On the Importance of Choosing EHR Software Designed by Dermatologists

Millions of people visit dermatologists every year. In order to serve their patients well, those dermatologists need to be able to access their patients’ records quickly and easily. They need EHR software that will provide an efficient and intuitive way of storing those records, along with information relating to their practice and billing.

Sawgio makes a point of having dermatologists on its design team for the simple reason that they know exactly what our clients need. For instance, many dermatologists have offices in different parts of the country. Their patients need the assurance that they will get appropriate treatment from any and all of those offices. The dermatologists at those offices, therefore, need access to the medical records maintained by the patient’s personal dermatologist. Our Practice Management software makes that possible. It also helps dermatologists schedule their appointments and manage their billing.

Our Online Patient Portal helps patients manage their own healthcare by making it easier for them to communicate with their dermatologist. The patient can use the Portal to schedule appointments, view their medical records and add additional information.

While all businesses need software to make it easier to organize their records or communicate with clients, Sawgio also provides modules to fill needs specific to dermatology. Our Dermoscopy and Mohs modules are examples of such software.

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