Bring Your Dermatology Practice into the 21st Century with Sawgio EHR

Bring Your Dermatology Practice into the 21st Century with Sawgio EHR

When you look at the 20th and 21st century, the one term that most accurately describes these centuries is technology. In less than 100 years, mankind has made more technological advancements than they have since their beginning. One area where you see the impact of technology is in the business world. Medicine has been completely revolutionized thanks to technology. If you were to take a doctor or nurse from 40 years ago and bring them into a doctor’s office today, they would not know where to begin because technology is at the heart of just about every single process a doctor or nurse performs.

One area where you see more changes than anything in the world of dermatology is when it comes to storing and accessing patient information. Gone are the days when patient information was stored in a myriad of files and file cabinets. Now patient information is stored electronically. Storing information in this way allows doctors the ability to quickly access any patient information they need, seamlessly share the information with other medical facilities, schedule and organize appointments and handle the billing of their clients. Sawgio EHR is leading the way when it comes to designing intuitive, functional and versatile information storage systems. There systems are designed to improve the quality of care dermatologists are able to give to their patients as well as improve the way that patients are able to interact with their doctor.

One simple example of this is seen when you look at the way that most initial consultations go. Even before you have the initial consultation, the patient is required to fill out a form where they put all of their medical information. Sawgio EHR systems make it possible for dermatology patients to fill out a lot of that information online prior to their consultation. It allows patients the opportunity to securely access some of their own information as well as share that information with others.

One of the major benefits of Sawgio EHR systems is seen when you look at the way that they handle billing. In times past, billing was something that consumed a doctor’s time. Now, the billing and interaction with laboratories, insurance companies and pharmacies has become seamless. It requires little effort on the part of the doctor, and it is carried out in a secure yet accurate way.

In the same way that an accountant who uses a computer and the latest accounting software is able to produce better results than an accountant who tries to do all of their work by hand, so a dermatologist who takes advantage of practice management software will have better results than if they chose to stick to archaic forms of practice management. We invite you to get in touch with Sawgio in New York City to learn more information about how Sawgio EHR can bring your dermatology practice into the 21st century. Contact us today to get started!

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