Benefits of an Electronic Medical Records System

Benefits of an Electronic Medical Records System

Digital technology has completely changed the world and the way that it functions. There are so many things that are commonplace today that would have seemed like science fiction just decades ago. The simple fact that the vast majority of information is now stored in digital form is something that would not have been thought possible just a few years ago.

There are so many advantages to having information stored digitally. One of the best advantages is that digital information can be instantly shared with other people around the world. This rapid transfer of information has streamlined a lot of processes and has allowed businesses and medical practices alike to provide better care to their clients and patients. An electronic medical records system is a perfect example of this.

One area where we have seen a huge benefit from digital storage is in the medical field. If there is ever a field where you want people to have immediate access to information, it is medicine. The truth is that medicine is an information-rich enterprise. The greater the flow of information, the easier it is for medical professionals to provide their clients with the best care.

With an electronic medical records system, doctors are able to get a patient’s entire medical history instantly on their laptops, cell phones and smart tablets. The digitalization of medical information has changed the way that healthcare is delivered. It allows information to be available whenever it is needed.

Having access to digital information allows doctors to have more complete patient information. A lot of times, doctors make decisions about a patient based on what the patient says about their own health history. However, if a doctor is also able to compile what other medical professionals have said about their patient into one place, they are better-equipped to make well-informed treatment decisions in a quick and safe way.

An electronic medical records system also helps patients. It has given them the flexibility to decide where they will get care. If a patient finds a doctor who they like better than their current doctor, it is a simple matter of having their digital files transferred or shared from one database to another. This has even been beneficial for patients who were injured or who fell ill while traveling overseas. Doctors in other parts of the world are able to read the patient’s health history and, based on that information, make a good decision about what the patient needs for the future.

One of the awesome things about an electronic medical records system is that the information does not get lost. Paper files can be misplaced, misfiled and mismanaged. Digital files, on the other hand, are all but permanent. They are easy to organize, and they do not get messy like their paper counterparts do.

Putting medical records in digital form has greatly improved the level of care that people receive from their doctors. It minimizes accidents, minimizes wrong prescriptions and all but guarantees that a patient is going to get the best level of medical care based on their personal medical history.

Based out of New York City, Sawgio is proud to offer an efficient, reliable and accurate electronic medical records system that is cloud-based and managed by a group of dermatologists. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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