Sawgio LLC is medical services and software company with offices in New York, California and Florida. Sawgio LLC is run and managed by a group of dermatologists, seasoned software professionals, support and training staff with years of experience in medical software development and medical billing services. Sawgio’s management team are pioneers in EHR software technology and they have been developing and using EHR software for over fifteen years.

Sawgio’s director and dermatologist is one of the early adopters of EHR technology, all of his offices have been using dermatology specific EHRs for over ten years.
Cloud based Sawgio EHR is ONC certified and is designed by Dermatologists to run in a single as well as multi-location practice environments. It offers an easy-to-use interface to record patient history, examination, assessment, and plan, as well as separate modules for past medical history, medications, and laboratory and pathology reports. Practitioners may use free text, click-and-point technology or pre-designed templates for common dermatologic conditions. These templates prompt the practitioner to enter relevant information and can be customized to suit specific needs. A highly detailed body chart is available to specify locations and get ICD10 codes, which appears as text both in the history and examination. Sawgio EHR allows physicians to easily find and sign patient charts, review test results and write prescriptions. Its browser-based technology allows physicians to utilize these capabilities worldwide on any electronic device without compromising the security of patient privacy.

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